Tuesday Quiz is Here!! and other stories.....

In my need for mindless stupidity, I've decided to incorporate a new feature into my already meaningless blog. Are you ready? Ladies, gentlemen, chickens of all ages, I give you........

The Tuesday Quiz!

(how juvenile)

But it's fun, so there. Think "Cosmo Quiz" but even less entertaining.

Here's the first one:

Which member of ABBA are you?

Here's my result:
You are Frida. Ever talented with a lovely voice
and presence, you are constantly overshadowed
by that darn blonde. Down with the Aryians!

Which member of ABBA are you?
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On a sad note, Sunday was our last day at Hill Country Chapel. I led worship one last time, and cried through most of it (try playing cello in front of 200 people with a runny nose... that's fun.)... but at the end the pastor called us up and had the deacons and elders come and pray over us and send us out. And then the congregation came by at the end of the service and hugged us and told us goodbye... I just bawled. It was so hard. These people have been a huge part of our lives for 6 years now. It really is like leaving a family. David and I have been so used to seeing all these people several times a week, and even the ones we weren't close to were a big part of our weekly lives. It's really wierd that we're not going to see them anymore.

David put in his notice at his job on Monday too. So we are really changing almost everything in our lives with this new job. Not only a new job, but we're totally starting over at a new church, and my heart is still tied to Hill Country Chapel. Ugh. It hurts. But we would not be doing this if we didn't know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is right. It's been confirmed over and over again......... so it's all going to be okay.


Ed said...

Behold, I AM BJORN! "You are Bjorn! Creative and highly intelligent, you are the driving force behind the band."

I always wanted to be someone with a bj construct in his name. Screw Benny. Maybe I'll get married to Björk.

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