went to church tonight... last Wednesday night at Hill Country Chapel. It was quite sad. We've worked with these kids for 3 years now, done activities, camp, all sorts of craziness, and have watched them grow up. Now we won't get to be with them anymore....

David is taking on a new job as a youth pastor. They were supposed to vote tonight on it... but it means that we are moving to a new church and starting a new chapter. It's weird and cool and scary and exciting, all at once. I am most concerned for Punky, who has never known any other church, and whose friends are all at Hill Country Chapel. At least we're not moving out of town... at least it's still Pipe Creek and it's just right around the corner.

So I'll be leading the music one more time on Sunday at Hill Country, and then I guess we're gone. That's a really big deal for me... I've done so much growing and healing and ministry in this church. Never thought I'd leave. Never wanted to. Never thought I'd be a pastor's wife... what is that? But I know God is in it and I am so excited about the opportunity. I know David is going to be great.

So there's the news from Lake Wobegon. Peace out........


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