On Sea World and Fleas

Yeah, so I'm all itchy. The wonderful cat who has moved in with us has fleas... and so I went and got him a flea collar the other day. Spent over $5 on this particular collar; I bought the best one I could find. It claims to kill fleas, their eggs, and ticks immediately. Guess what? The other day, I noticed the cat was scratching his ears (which are, ironically, just inches away from said flea collar), and I grabbed him and looked closely at his little head..... yeah. Fleas all over him, crawling around right next to the collar. Piece of crap! Now I have fleas in the house, fleas on the cat, and I'm out $5! I have to bomb the house tomorrow...... I've been putting it off for a week because you have to do all sorts of preparation for performing such an act: cover all kitchen surfaces, clean up toys so as not to get residue on them, find places for small furry creatures to go during fumigation (the guinea pig can't hang out outside all day... too hot and too many cats).......... blah blah blah. So I dunno. I just know I'm about to start sleeping with OFF! all over me.

Went to Sea World with Punky's class today. That was fun. I got to pet several dolphins. I love dolphins. I want to be a Sea World Trainer in my next life. They were so stinkin' cute! They don't have fleas, either. That's a nice touch.

We had our first official night with the new youth group tonight. They are fun kids. There are about 23 guys and 3 girls. But they are all interesting and interested... they can all actually carry on an intelligent conversation. I was totally expecting the "I'm too cool to talk" attitude that's so prevalent these days. I'm excited about the summer.

I'm gonna get my itchy self to bed and finish this Ted Dekker book I'm reading. I'm addicted to Ted Dekker.

I will not eat popcorn tonight.


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