on the road

I'm posting from Austin at a hotel... we played Borders last night and I found a business center in the hotel where I have internet access, so I thought I'd blog just because I can.

Why is it that when you stay in hotels you get that sleepy, can't drink enough coffee, stiff, dehydrated feeling? We all woke up with majorly puffy eyes and I feel like I'm about to pass out from the sleepiness!

David wanted pizza last night after the gig so we ordered pizza. That's part of the problem I'm sure.

Gig was good... got to see Hank and Sandy and Sarah D.... it was nice to see everyone. Hope we can see Sarah today again. I miss her. We played Borders north, and the only thing about it we didn't like was that for the first half of the night, the crowd was at the back of the cafe (that's just how it's set up there... it runs lengthwise and we were at one end and the tables were at the other.) Makes for a hard time trying to connect with the crowd. But the Borders folks were nice and I think Austin liked us. We need to play up here more. I need to get on the freaking ball and book some dates!

And we're supposed to hook up with Dony too..... that will be fun. Dony is our drummer from the record who is now a writer and writes killer stuff.

I love blogging. I love blogging. I love blogging.

As soon as I figure out how to audioblog, I'm there. That's fun.

Gotta go... Punky is wanting to go swimming. Then he wants to see the Capitol. ;)

Word to your mom.


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