Know fleas, know itch. No fleas, no itch.

Fleas all gone. Bug bombs make happy house. Thank you.

I woke up Saturday morn with a large headache in mine eye. It must have been the bug bombs. I aired out the house really well Friday night after returning home..... but maybe it was also just psycological because I hate the feeling of having pesticides all over my house. Ugh.

Oh, and then this morning I woke up and noticed right away that things looked, well, funny. I had planned on getting up extra early to go for a run (I hate to run, but I need to run, therefore I decided to run). My alarm went off at 6, and I noticed that my clock looked, well, weird. Got up and stumbled into the kitchen, and realized that I was only seeing out of one eye -- my right contact had somehow fallen out while I was sleeping (must have been some REM sleep!). The problem that immediately presented itself was where I might find said contact at this point... who knows how long it had been out of my eye, and furthermore, where it ended up after its escape. It could be anywhere: in my hair, on the floor, behind my eye.... and darn it, I'm out of extra contacts. I pulled the other contact out and put on my glasses, and then realized that my prescription in my glasses hadn't been updated, well, since college (I realized this as I pulled a bowl down from the cabinet and noticed that it looked like an oval instead of a circle). I eventually found the little bugger under my pillow all shrivelled up like a tiny potato chip, and after a good soak, it was all good. I can see again. Note to self: do not attempt to sleep in contacts that are waaaay too old to even be in my eyes.

I have literally been doing laundry since I got home at 3:30 today. It's now 9:00. I'm almost done, but it's time to go fold.

David's playing a gig with the Sinners tonight, so I'm going to watch old X-Files and eat chocolate and finish my Ted Dekker book. I have to finish it tonight; we're expecting "Red" tomorrow and I really need to be free of all fiction in order to fully appreciate all the goodness that is "Red."

Oh, and Hershey's Kisses are now available in dark chocolate, just so you know. My life is now complete.


Smudge said...

Mmm... Dark chocolate kisses?? Don't tease.

You should check out www.nationstates.net :-) So fun!

Look me up! My nation is called Smudgers! (or go to my blog for link)

Silly Sari

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