swimming as exercise

This is becoming a morning ritual: Krispy Kreme Coffee (sans the donuts), blogging, then getting ready for work. I'm liking it. David and Punky are home all day now, so I don't have anyone to get ready and get out the door. This will continue indefinitely, as David keeps very loose office hours at the church (basically whenever he wants to go in) and mainly offices at home. Punky will probably be homeschooled next school year as well. Aaaaaah. A return to freedom........

Punky's cousin Dylan spent the night last night. They are 4 months apart in age and have always been the best of friends. How cool to grow up with an identical cousin! They have never not known each other....... as close as brothers, mostly. Which is good for Punky, being an only child.

We took them swimming yesterday, and since I didn't run yesterday, I swam many laps in the pool. What fabulous exercise... it's the best, I tell you! Not only do you get amazingly tired, but you don't get sore later, it's both cardio and strenghtening, and you don't sweat! Man, why didn't I discover this sooner? Maybe because I've never had a pool at my disposal.

Gotta go download something from microsoft... I'm finally getting with the 21st century and installing RSS Reader......


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