From BBC NEWS | Singer snubs Lopez wedding query:

Anthony reportedly married Lopez in a ceremony at the actress's Beverly Hills home on Saturday.

But Anthony refused to confirm the reports during an appearance on NBC's Today show on Tuesday, saying his personal life was off-limits.

I couldn't care less about Marc Anthony or J-Lo, but I did happen to have the Today Show on this morning and saw this ridiculous exchange between Matt Lauer and Anthony.

And I walked away thinking, "Who do these morons think they are?" Do they honestly think that I care whether or not he and J-Lo tied the knot? And that they are so dang important that us "commoners" don't deserve to know? Because their personal life is so sacred? Dude, just say "yes" or "no" and quit acting like a pompous idiot who is too high up the food chain to act like a human being. As if Marc Anthony is anything to write home about (well, I'm writing about him, but it's out of disgust). We're all going to find out eventually that you're married, so let's just all quit with the poser Hollywood thing and move on.

Well, maybe it's all about perception. Maybe if I start walking around and acting like I'm a big-shot star and, "Oh, I've really got to protect my privacy... these media types are just destroying my life..." then maybe people will believe that I'm actually very cool and important. I had a random guy walk up to me yesterday at Fire Wok and tell me that he likes our music -- I thought it was cool to actually get recognized! -- but maybe I should have screamed at him and thrown my Tofu Stir-Fry with ginger-curry sauce on him and told him to leave me alone. That's apparently how I'm supposed to act, if I follow Marc Anthony's lead. Then I'll be cool.


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