I hate scorpions.

Ugh. I just came in from outside where I watched two HUGE scorpions climbing all over the outside of my house. Our house is all cedar, so I guess they like the wood. They are nasty creatures.... one of them had the stinger of another scorpion in its claws and was eating it. Beasts! They are surely inhabited by satan himself.

David's at camp this week... it was a last minute thing and we scrambled last night (after a very busy weekend) to get him ready. He's with 30 kids ages 9-13 at a sports camp and I'm sure he's going to be all worn out by the end of the week. He was fortunate enough to get his own room, though, so at least he won't be up all night trying to get the little buggers to sleep.

So Punky and I are on our own this week. We went shopping this evening because Punky was down to nothing clothes-wise. I love Old Navy. They were having a giant sale and I got Punky 8 shirts and a pair of pants for $60. He's going to be stylin' -- they're all little surfer boy clothes. Very cute.

Very tired. Must....sleep.... more tomorrow........


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