Umm... so... we got talked about on the radio today. That was cool. Jeff Bolton came out to our release party Friday night and gave us props today. Thanks Jeff! You rock!

Yeah, the release party at Cibolo Creek was super fun! We had this monster band... Shane, Rick Brown, Ruben V., Val Cronk, Brian on dobro, and Ron on guitar... it was so cool. It was great for us to do the whole band thing, since we so rarely get to do that... it was a blast. And everyone who was there was so great... Kyle and Flo, Doug and Rebecca, David's whole family... Travis Baker brought his whole youth group... lots and lots of friends from everywhere... I can honestly say that each person who was there that night was very special to us and it was so cool to have them all there in one place.

David and I are on the brink of some really cool changes, which I can't talk about now, but I'll just say that we're about to take a path we never thought we'd take... but we're very excited about the future. After this weekend I'll be able to share more. Cool things ahead.......

ohboy.... it's 5:00. I'll write more tonight.


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