Oh, y'know, I forgot to change my clocks last night. Not that it matters -- we weren't going anywhere this morning, but I just realized as I looked at my computer clock that it's really 9:23. I'm excited about more daylight. Hooray daylight!

Played for Chris' release party last night... that was hugely fun. Although Chris made fun of me playing guitar... said it looked weird, because he's not used to seeing me play. I'll forgive him, I suppose.

I have a feeling, once everyone in my house wakes up, that I'm going to be commissioned to make french toast again. I made it yesterday and it was a huge hit. But if I make it again, I'm going to have to go to the store to get bread and eggs. I hate going to the store... especially the one in Bandera. It's ratty, overpriced, and most of the customers still smoke in the aisles as they shop (haven't seen that since like 1978 in the rest of the world!)... Bandera is such a strange town. They actually ride horses to the local bar... we see them tied up outside the bar on Friday nights. David and I figured out why so many people ride their horses on Friday nights: so they can go home drunk and not get busted for DUI! I guess as long as the horse knows the way home, you're pretty okay if you pass out while riding....


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