Okay, so I got scolded for not upddating my blog, and I promised that I would be better. It's like 6:15 am and I'm barely awake... haven't had coffee yet... in fact... hang on.

Yeah, that's better. Because decaffeinated blogging just doesn't work.

Took Flo out for her birthday Tuesday night and we had our quad cappucinos around, well, 9:30 or so... "Why?" you ask. Well, because we never get to go get coffee anymore, and decaf quad cappucinos are pretty much pointless. So I got home and was wide awake and stayed up till 1:30 putting together mailers for our preorders.

Tuesday I was off work all day, and had one of the most productive days I've had in awhile... it felt so good to actually knock out some of this LJG stuff that's been hanging over my head! So we've actually started sending out the preorders and that makes me feel like we're finally moving forward with this CD release. I drove around much of Tuesday, dropping off press kits and buying office supplies. I had our Chevy Cavalier with the sunroof that day, and I have a nice sunburn working on one arm. Sexy!

We are still loving our house... I swear it's like living in the Wonderful World of Disney at times. Every night when I'm pulling into my drive, there are usually around 4-6 deer, 3-4 jackrabbits, and 2 skunks that all run in various directions trying to escape the terror of my headlights. The other night I was doing the dishes while Punky was in the bathtub, and I heard all sorts of commotion on the porch. I looked out, and 2 raccoons were fighting over the catfood (well, one was eating it and the other was yelling at the one eating). I summoned Punky and we opened the door a crack to see them better, and they just sat up on their haunches, continued to eat, and looked at us like, "What?" We were at most 2 feet from them. It was cool.

And we have a fleet of cats now too. One cat, Lizzie, came with the house. But I think she's got a big mouth and has told her friends that there's free grub at the house, because suddenly 3 more grey tabbies showed up. One of them is a tortishell tabby, and he's gorgeous, and he has totally adopted us. I swear I'm turning into one of those crazy animal ladies. Before you know it, I'm going to have 89 cats and a pet squirrel all stuffed into my laundry room....

I'm having coffee angst. I actually had to buy Folgers the other day (blasphemy! treachery!) because that's what I've been reduced to since my espresso machine is dead and I was desperate on a Saturday morning for coffee. Well, see, I could have gotten some decent coffee, but that would have required driving at best 45 minutes into San Antonio. I was too sleepy, so I settled for driving into Bandera and paying way too much at Super S. Ugh. For Folgers. See what my life has become? It's a travesty.

Okay, so I guess I should go get ready for work. CJ (and CJs sister), this blog was updated just for you, so I hereby dedicate this entry to you. It's the least I can do... I got added to their list of "cool people." Awwwww.........


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