So ummm, tomorrow is David's and my 8th anniversary. 8 years! That is mind boggling. Tonight we went out and celebrated at a yummy Italian restaurant in the Alamo Quarry and then went to see a movie. Can I just say that there are NO movies out right now? So we opted for that new movie with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton.... only because it was the least of all stupid movies. Yeah, well, the whole movie consisted of Diane Keaton doing what she does in every movie: screaming and freaking out and overacting. I swear, she plays the EXACT same character in EVERY movie she is in. Why do they do that?

Loving my job... it's fun. Although I have been absolutely ASSAULTED by Christmas music. We listen to the same 3 Christmas CDs in the store all day, and lemme tell ya, Jackie Velasquez's version of Feliz Navidad is about to put me over the edge. Like we needed another version of that song -- as if the original isn't annoying enough. Please, make it stop. Make it go away. Please. It won't leave.....

So I have most of my Christmas shopping done... all except for the buying part. Well, yeah, see, all of us employees at the Compass are getting 50% off tomorrow for Christmas, so I'm doing all my shopping there. Makes it easy. So all my stuff is already picked out. I'm going in tomorrow on my day off to actually purchase things.

Album art is almost done... hopefully by the end of the week... and then we can send it away to the manufacturer! We've set a release date, but I'm not going to announce it until we send the CD off... don't wanna jinx it. But the date is exactly 4 years to the day of our last album release. That's sorta weird. Hey, if Sarah McLachlan can wait 4 years between records, so can we, okay?

Okay, I think David is finally home... which means I gotta get Punky ready for bed. David's mom watched Punky tonight, and it's late and Punky has school tomorrow. so there.

Type more later.....................................................................


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