And so I tried to blog yesterday but after all the typing, it disappeared on me. I hate that.

So to recap, I am snapping out of my funk a little. Yes, I had an online pity party in my last several entries. I'm over it. Partly because I just woke up finally happy yesterday, and then partly because I figured out why I've been such a weirdo. October was a very, very emotionally taxing month for me personally... for reasons I can't print. It involved a heartbreaking situation that took almost every ounce of me emotionally and spiritually. As soon as that situation resolved... and I mean literally the moment the release came, we found out that we had to move and my world personally was turned completely upside down. The upside down part was a good thing... we moved, I started working again, etc... but it was so much change all at once with absolutely no time to even think! So I had no time to let down after the October events before I was thrust into this whirlwind of activity and craziness. So I had a minor breakdown right around Thanksgiving. Just minor. All gone. All better.

No longer at Chili's! I got a new gig at a Christian bookstore in San Antonio. I used to work at a Christian bookstore when I was in high school, so this is just like putting on old shoes. I really like it. Except that I have no clue... NO CLUE... about the music there. It's pretty sad, really, but I don't listen to Christian music! It will be interesting to see what's out there.

I have to make/buy/find an angel costume by Friday. Any suggestions? Punky is playing the part of the angel Gabriel in his Christmas play. I'm so excited about seeing him! It will be so cute.

Yes, hello. Thank you. Gotta go do stuff. Buh-bye.


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