Have you ever had a season in your life where you just seem to make everyone around you mad no matter what you do? I am having one of those weeks. Can't win for losing. A few folks are mad at me and I know why (because I suck) and then there are others that I just can't figure out what the heck I've done to tick them off.... but yeah, I'm getting the silent treatment without any reason given. I'm going to go hide in a hole and wallow in self pity and sarcasm for another few hours. Then I will be fine.

No, seriously, it's just one of those weeks. I've learned to keep my head down and just roll with the punches when this stuff comes up. It's just funny to me that it all happens at the same time. I must be putting off some really irritating vibes.

Hey, so work was slow today, although I had some nice people who gave me a few big tips. So that was nice... not a total loss. Y'know, I was really afraid about going back to work, and especially going back to work at a restaurant of all places... because when I was a kid and worked at Dominoes and Colter's Bar-B-Que, I hated it and the people I worked with were just such sheer losers. At Colters there was a guy who worked in my area. He was around 40 years old... and I was 16. We would talk at work, but then on my last day before I went off to tour the country for the summer, he approached me and said, "Well, you know, I'd really like to see you again before you leave. Actually, I'd really like to invite you to my company picnic at my other job, but I don't know how my wife would feel about that." AAAAAAAAAGH!! Grody! Eeeeew! I was so naive back then, but I got the creeps and got the heck out of there and never looked back. Blech. I just remembered that experience after blocking it out all these years. What a loser! Hitting on a 16 year old....

So the decision to go to work at Chili's was made with much hesitation and fear. However, the people I work with at lunchtime are older folks like me and are generally very nice and responsible and I enjoy them. There's only one individual that just really tests my patience and kindness. Sometimes in my head I hear Tori Amos' song "Waitress" when she walks in. It's a pretty funny song in a sarcastic, ironic way, and I don't really feel that way about this person, but it's a funny joke I have in my head.

I just watched "Fear Factor," which I never watch, but it was on, so there. They went to a winery and were told that they were going to make wine the old fashioned way -- by stomping around in a vat. Only they had to make wine out of worms... and then drink the worm juice. Yeah. I gagged. I admit it. See? Worms. It's a theme.

Alright. Average Joe is on now. This should be fun. I was really rooting for the Indian guy... he was cute and romantic. My stars, what has my life become?.....


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