fruity monster

I am tired.

Yesterday I worked a 12-hour shift. Not by choice, mind you, but oh well... I guess I made up for the day I was sick last week.

Daddy warbucks came down for the weekly visit, and ended up pulling a gazillion books right at 5:00. Susan and I ended up having to box them all up and get them ready to go, which we finished doing at 8:45. eeejole.

Oh well.

Today we are taking the youth to the Hondo Corn Maze today. Should be fun, although my homebody self is longing to stay here and do all the laundry I have to do. It's become a mountain. I feel like we've just sort of moved in, but not completely, and I hate the unfinished aspect of it all. Of course, I never have enough of a block of time to actually finish any project these days, and it really irritates me. By the time I finally finish getting settled here in this house, we're going to be moving again. I'm trying not to think about it.

I still have yet to think about Halloween. I need to find a costume for myself and for Punkster. He wants to be a cop. That should be easy. I don't know what I'll do. We're having a "We Don't Celebrate Halloween" party for the youth, and then we're going trick-or-treating in David's sister's neighborhood on the 31st. With two opportunities to dress up as something, it should be fun, but I am clueless as to what to do. Maybe I should go as a Compass employee.

Actually, we at the Compass are having a big Narnia day in December right before the movie opens, and we're all going to dress up as Narnia people. I think CJ needs to come back and be Susan Pevensie. CJ is Susan. :) I want to be a Dryad.

See? Narnia is becoming my own personal Star Wars. I can become a total geek and stand in line for a month at the theater in costume! Cool! New hobby!

Oh yeah, I don't have time. I forgot.

Okay. Must go make coffee. Again.


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