I have found aural heaven, and it is XM.

So I went to Target yesterday to use my birthday money to get more clothes. I actually found pants that fit me, which is unusual because Target pants are made for girls with no hips and I definitely have hips. So I was about to buy said pants when I impulsively stopped by the electronics department. I found a XM Roady2 receiver for $49 and instantly forgot about the pants!

Today I activated my receiver, and when I got home I installed it in my car. I was pretty proud of myself... I ran the wires all by myself, which required running antenna wire under the weather stripping and through the trunk and under the carpet and such. Now I'm all XM'd! There are so many good channels I can't stand it. O, the sheer bliss! O, the ecstasy! I don't have to listen to San Antonio crap radio anymore!!

I met a female FBI agent yesterday. She came in the store. She rekindled my FBI pipe dream... after talking to her, it doesn't sound as impossible as before. Maybe there's still a chance. Maybe I'm stupid, too. That's entirely possible. But I guess I owe it to myself to at least check it out, right? I just want one of those cool FBI flashlights... is that so wrong?

Guess I better get to running again. I'm all out of shape and stuff.

There is absolutely no good TV. I've resorted to watching Sex In The City reruns on WB. We don't have our satellite hooked up yet, so all we get clearly is WB. The only good thing about that is that they are showing Season 1 of 24 on Saturdays, and it's been awesome to watch Season 1 again. There's so much I don't remember! I do remember Kim being stupid, but I had totally forgotten about the other stupid CTU girl who looks like she's wearing a wig.

I need to get a life. Oh yeah, I don't have time.

Ok, must go do dishes now. I've been putting them off. We moved into a house without a dishwasher [sob] and now it sucks to do dishes.

Goodbye, cruel world.

CJ and Jeff, stop fighting over my blog.



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