House of Duchovny

Just got home. David and I went and saw "House of D" at the Bijou in SA. The venue was very cool... I can't believe we've never been there! It's truly a best kept secret. No one was there, and we had a great time soaking in the art and the experience. I didn't feel like I was in San Antonio for a brief moment, which means something pretty significant.

Anyway, I'll post a full review tomorrow, because right now I'm tired and drunk on the emotion of the movie and can't be as objective as I should be. But wow. It was great. It had it all... I laughed because Duchovny's familiar wit was ever-present, and that's just so endearing to me... but I cried too because it's a sweetly melancholic story. I loved it. Definitely go see it. It was innocent and beautiful.

So I got my hair all cut off today. It was strangely liberating, especially since I woke up every hour last night freaking out about whether or not I really wanted to chop it. My friend Cat cut it... she did great. I love it, and most importantly, David does too. He's not one of those, "You-can-never-cut-your-hair" guys, and he agreed it was a nice change.

I'm listening to "White Ladder" for the first time in 2 years... I was totally addicted to that record and finally had to put it away because it was getting out of hand. But I guess the last copy I owned was the UK version that didn't include "Nightblindness, " because I can't remember it being part of the one I owned. Can't remember what was in its place though. But omigosh, what a great record. It is still at the top of my list as one of my Desert Island Discs.

Okay, I must sleep now, lest I drown in all this inspiration and art.

I will blog more after I run in the morning.

Love and sausages.


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