dreadfully busy

Hello. Thank you. I have been exceedingly bad at blogging lately. Smack my hiney! I have been so busy that I just realized that I hadn't spoken to my mother in 6 weeks. I'm a bad blogger, and an even worse daughter. Bad. Bad.

So, okay. Much to catch up on. I just stumbled onto David Duchovny's blog. I love him. He is fabulous. I am dying to see "house of d" and I really hope it comes to S.A. Although I would drive to Austin to see it. It looks great.

I finally cleaned out my office last night and have my Mac up and running again. Got iTunes going and, for the first time, actually bought a song (Coldplay's new one). I'm so in! Anyway, now I'm itching for an iPod. Or an iPod mini, even. I will possess the iPod. I need it for when I run, anyway.

Speaking of running, I'm up to 1.5 miles a day now. This is a big accomplishment because I've NEVER been able to run distances, ever. Flo has been my inspiration... I watched her run off 125 pounds, and I am thus empowered. My goal is to hit the 3 mile mark. That's do-able. But I must have an iPod.

So we bought a new truck (loving it!) -- a Trailblazer -- and promptly wrecked our other car Friday night. Blasted deer ran out in front of us on the way home from August E's. It did about $2500 in damage. I'll post pics in a bit. They're beautiful. We kept the deer guts on the car for evidence, plus we thought it would make a good meal later.

I am very, very sad today. Stinkin' Tivo didn't record 24!!!! What the @#*&$*%# is up with that?! It records it EVERY WEEK! And in looking at the record schedule, it is set to record next Monday night, but for some weird reason it skipped last night. We realized it at 8:45, so I hit record and got the last 15 minutes of the show. I don't have the heart to even watch. What's the point? And President Palmer (a.k.a the Allstate Man) was going to be on. I am just sick about it all. Have I told you how much I hate Dish Network? We are so ready to switch over to Direct TV.

I have to go to the store today. Ugh. I hate going to the store. I always end up running into about half of Pipe Creek when I go, and while I love my peeps, I just really don't want to stand around and talk. I want to get in and out. Therefore, I hate going to the store, because I can never just get in and out. Ugh.

I must go now. Go see House of D. Let me know how it is, you fortunate people who get to see it right now. Please. I'm dyin' here!

Word to your mom.


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