Ruby red

I have to stop going to old fart concerts.

We went and saw Van Halen Tuesday night. There was no one at that concert under 30. No one. Wow. We are old. But Sammy was hot... his voice sounded great and they rocked. I have to catch up on the shows I didn't go to as a teenager because I was too busy boycotting them. It's fun.

Oh, today, at work, at the Christian Bookstore, this guy called and said, "Yeah, I'm looking for a video. It's called 'Opposites Attract.'" I said, "Umm... okay, is it a teaching video?" I'm thinking it's some sort of marriage enrichment seminar or something. But he says, "No, it's a music video by Paula Abdul." I started laughing. I thought he was joking. That's a very weird request on many different levels, considering that he was calling a Christian bookstore and considering that song is like, what, almost 20 years old (omigosh. I am old. That song was big when I was a senior in High School.). Goodness only knows what the heck he wanted with that song.

Okay. So I suffered through the debates last night. I really was hoping for more fireworks, more drama, less scripted banter... it was really stale. Kerry was very strong... his performance was flawless. His points were ridiculous, but he did come off very strong in style. Bush could have been much stronger. I was really disappointed that he didn't nail Kerry to the wall when he had the opportunity to, instead of just repeating that this war is hard work and we have to be consistent. That is true, but I felt like he was so worried about phrasing things the right way that he hesitated too much before answering, and he repeated his talking points too much. I still believe that he is the best man for the job. He is consistent, he is passionate about what he believes, and whether you like his position or not, you have to admire his consistency and singlemindedness.

I am so happy that it's October 1! I celebrated by making my autumn Chipotle Corn Soup and homemade bread. We're supposed to get a cool front tonight... I'm so ready for cooler weather!!

I have nothing planned for this weekend. Yaaay! That's happy.

Oh, yeah, okay. I forgot. The Blogger people suggested this and I think it's fun:

Post a comment below and list three things you'd like to see a picture of in my blog. I'll take pictures and post them as soon as I have enough suggestions. Get creative... a picture of our canned goods... a picture of my laundry room... whatever. Let me know. I'm there.

Peace out.


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