Home and tomato soup

Ahhh... I'm home. It was a whirlwind, but fun. I posted all the details over at the Stormy Blog, so go there if you want the lowdown and the picture retrospective.

Outside of the conference, we had fun, too... got to hang with Eric and Sarah and Jude, who is getting so big and actually saying words now. Wow. Time flies.

I told David, I felt the whole time like "Country Mouse Comes to the Big City." I'm so used to Bandera (Ban-tucky) that we walked around Dallas going, "Wow, tall building. Wow, train. Where are we? What is all this traffic? Where do all these streets go?" And getting blown over by all the Dallas-ites in their little sporty Bentleys and Audis and BMWs who flew past us on the tollway. It was amusing.

We celebrated my mom's, dad's and my birthdays last night. I'm very excited... I get to go clothes shopping, and I also got the first season of Wonder Woman on DVD!!! YAAAAAY! I cannot wait to watch it. And since my iMac has a dvd player in it, well, I may just plug in the ol' headphones and escape for awhile. There's even a commentary by Lynda Carter. How cool is that?

I'm sad that Christopher Reeve died. I'm also angry that freaking John Edwards is saying, "When Kerry is elected, people like Christopher Reeve will walk again." How irresponsible and insulting. There is absolutely no medical evidence that stem cells will help regenerate spinal cord cells. None. And it will take years of research and study to find that out... it won't happen within a 4- or even 8-year term of any president. Oh, and President Bush is the ONLY president who has even allowed funding for stem cell research. Clinton didn't. Bush 1 and Reagan didn't. I think Edwards forgets he's speaking to educated, thinking Americans and not a jury who's been selected for their weaknesses and lack of understanding. I am just so tired of hearing from these idiots -- Frankenstein and Mr. Rogers -- how rosy everything is going to be when they're in office. Children will have candy all the livelong day. We will have more money in our pockets (rrrrright....). Terrorism will merely be a "nuisance" (because the loss of 3000 Americans on 9/11 was a nuisance, according to Kerry's view of terrorism). All the dictators and despots of the world will just roll over and cry "uncle" because of Kerry's brilliant diplomacy. Guess what? Iran has already rejected the Kerry plan for their nuclear issues. Great! His plan works great!

Sorry for that tangent. I've been in conference land and haven't been able to properly vent.

Anyway, okay. Gotta go eat tomato soup.

Power to the people.


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