After this week, I will be able to breathe again! Lord willing, this is my last five-day work week. I have become really guarded of my schedule... especially the after-work hours, because if I am not careful, I end up being out every evening, and by Friday I look back at my week and go, "ACH! I'm NEVER HOME!" So tonight we have to teach VBS. Tomorrow the youth are going bowling/pizza-ing, but they'll be done by 6. Wednesday is church. Thursday, I hope, is nothing. Annie is Friday and Saturday, last two shows.

Then I go to camp on Sunday. I'm looking forward to camp. I was only going because one girl from our group signed up, but now it looks like we're going to have 4 girls! Yaay! It's going to be really nice. I don't have to do anything at camp but just be available and have fun. Get to be a high schooler for a week. Cool.

Flo is back after being gone for a week. Although it wasn't too bad because we're finally both on Sprint cell phones so we can talk for free... so this week was full of text messaging and phone calls during the van drives. But I'm glad she's home... I have missed her. I'm looking forward to having more time together when I slow down.

Kathy, it seems, is still not online either...... haven't talked to her in like 3 months. We were going to start a notebook and write in it and send it back and forth, but I just now got a notebook. We are so much alike. Twins. We procrastinate everything, and end up missing each other for months, and then pick back up where we left off 3 months later. I really miss her too. We were together 24-7 in college -- literally.

Okay, okay. I really don't want to... but I must go get in the shower and get ready for work. I'm still sleepy.

Word to your mom.


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