Learning to stop

My goodness.... my life has not been my own for over a month now. I always end up resenting my life and my schedule when I get into this mode: leaving my house at sunup and getting home at 11:30 pm. I haven't seen Punky or David for a long time... my laundry is out of control... my dishes are unstoppable. I can't remember the last time I actually ate a meal at home. I'm at the point where anyoneone asking me to do anything extra gets a resounding and bitter "NO!" with a look of disbelief directed at them ("After I've just finished telling you what my schedule is, you have the AUDACITY to ask me to do more?"). I was actually asked yesterday at work to come in on my day off today to bring them tacos. Tacos! Umm, I live an hour away. Ordinarily, if my life were simple and I had actually seen my family once in the past month it would be okay. But today I am planning on laying out by the pool for the entire day. So no. No tacos from the Diva from Bandera.

We opened "Annie Get Your Gun" in Kerrville last night. Got to actually play in a bonafide pit... that was cool.

Ohh! David went into his old work yesterday to return some stuff, and all the Lange stuff was $1!!! For those who are not familiar with Lange, it's top of the line skincare products that are sold in exclusive salons for a TON of money (like $40-$60 a bottle)... well, apparently the owner of the company passed away last year, and his loser kids, who were the heirs, totally let the company go, stopped paying all their bills, and squandered his hard-earned money. So Lange is no more, and its suppliers, like David's old company, are left with all this product to get rid of. Hence the $1 clearance. We got a case of shampoo, 6 bottles of the facial cleanser that I so love, and a whole bunch of other stuff.... the shampoo alone would have cost $130 or so... we got all of it for $25. I love Princess Beauty Supply. See, it's the simple things in life that get me......

I must go to Super S in Bandera now and pay way too much for basic groceries. They are thieves. Example: Oreos are around $4.00 there. I think they are $2.50 in San Antonio. Super S believes that they must stick it to us poor hillbillies because we are totally dependent on them. We need an HEB out here so badly.


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