I hate Windows Vista.

Windows Vista BITES.

I have three computers at work that are cursed with the dreaded Vista OS, and NONE of them ever work...

They especially love to crash just before a church service, sending me scrambling up long flights of stairs to the balcony (lemme tell ya, THAT'S fun when one is 6 months pregnant!) to rescue the computer operator and contol-alt-delete my way through a panic attack...

I HATE Vista. I hate it more than I hate the devil.

Bill Gates should be ashamed of himself for releasing such a shoddy product. It's worse than Windows ME, and that's saying something. I really want to sue him for pain and suffering... Vista constantly interferes with my JOB, makes ME look bad to my superiors, and never works when I need it to. My job performance suffers constantly because of this piece of crap.

I HATE Vista. I hate Windows. I hate Microsoft. Make a product that works, and I'll reconsider.

It's reason 7834212 why I'm a Mac girl.

/end rant.


Angie said...

Is it bad that I'm laughing at your rant?! It's just funny to hear you so worked up about something - especially the part comparing Vista to the devil. LOL. And yes, I hate it too - my laptop randomly decides to shut itself down to run microsoft updates, seriously without any warning. So I lose whatever it doesn't "recover" once it decides to let me use my computer again.

Andy Rodriguez said...

Have you seen this video interview of Steve Ballmer (CEO of Microsoft) trying to avoid the question of how many people have complained about vista and then dogging on mac? It's pretty ridiculous.


Lady Jane Grey said...

Andy... What a tool Ballmer is! If MS came out with a product that actually worked for once, he would have more room to laugh at the question. Steve Jobs can laugh. MS can't!

Angie... i feel your pain. We have to laugh about Vista's issues, or we'll cry.

Pamelotta said...

Here, here.

I'm a Macintosh girl myself, only because my husband deemed that we would have an all-Mac household. God bless him!

It's amazing that I didn't really even have to "learn" how to use a Mac. I just do things the most obvious way and that's the way Mac has it set up to work. It's a beautiful thing!

Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks for the warning!

IstariPhoenix said...

KEEP XP ALIVE!! Vista SUCKS, and here’s why: 1) Incompatibility with GOBS of software – or it works but not quite the same, 2) Confirmation prompt after confirmation prompt, 3) Programs magically crash under Vista and not XP, 4) Requirement to seek permission from some mysterious administrator, when - OH WAIT - I AM the administrator!!!, 5) DreamScene makes computer (albeit a darn good one) freeze, 6) Inability to install fonts in bulk, 7) Folder settings resetting on their own CONSTANTLY, 8) Graphics editing programs suddenly can’t handle large images anymore, 9) Printers cannot be found, 10) Difficulty visualizing what folder or files are highlighted in Windows Explorer, 11) Switching between Windows Explorer windows takes forever sometimes, 12) Internet Explorer suddenly doesn’t remember passwords or prompt to save them, 13) Desktop search function takes forever and is too complicated, 14) PDF Printer suddenly doesn’t work, 15) Network connectivity is CONSTANTLY lost, 16) periodic freezes, 17) unexplained freezes on BOOT…need I say more!?!?!?!

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