I'm...so... out of shape.

Referring back to a previous post regarding my desire to write, run, and pray more consistently, I am painfully aware of my failure. I'm a slug.

I haven't worked out since October. The miscarriage sent me into a physical slump of laziness. I just didn't have it in me to work out. Then the holidays happened, and chips and queso took over. Ugh.

I haven't written since November. Again, the holidays. But it's almost March. I need to declare an end to my own personal writer's strike now, please. Thank you.

I have been a prayer slug, too... although certain life circumstances of late have caused me to look up a little more often. I am having to walk by faith and not by sight these days, and that is good. Fear creeps in through the tiny cracks of my thinly-paned heart, and I have to constantly bring it back to God. "Do I trust You?....yes. I will trust You."

Changes are afoot. I have to come to hate where I am before I can move forward.

This afternoon, as I was sitting in my room on my laptop, I heard a loud crash in our walk-in closet. I ignored it, too lazy to get up at the time. An hour or so later, I went into the closet to find that the entire shelving unit had come loose from the wall and fell to the floor, dumping our entire wardrobe and rendering the shelf no longer useable. It's going to be an annoyingly large task to fix the mess, and it's going to require new shelves (actually, a total closet makeover, most likely).

The upside of it is that our closet has been disorganized for a long time. This closet disaster is really just what I needed to get off my duff and make a change.

I guess getting fat, forgetting how to write, and getting depressed for lack of prayer are the agents of change I needed as well.

Wish me luck.


Ed said...

You just had to go and mention chips and queso, didn't you? :)

I'll help fix yr closet. I had to fix my wardrobe and it's going swimmingly, although I did notice that there's a forest and snow in the back of it. Is that normal?

Lady Jane Grey said...

that is perfectly normal. it happens to me all the time. I'm pretty sure that's why my closet fell down... the centaurs were trying to get out amidst all the furs.

Angie said...

Y'all have snow in your closets?! All I have is cedar pollen. Maybe we need to move further up North---Boerne is about 5 miles N of here, right?

It was great to see you yesterday, and I'm glad to see you blogging again! :)

Pamelotta said...

Hey there,

I was on my husbands computer, scrolling through the bookmarks and I saw yours go by. I haven't been here in a long time. I got to do a little catching up.

I'm sorry about the miscarriage. I hate that. I've been there and I hate the array of emotions that come.

I can't believe you got to see Dennis. I'm jealous.

Keep writing. I love it. Yours was the first blog I ever got addicted to. Now I'm somewhat addicted to having one, myself. You could say that I'm a writer by the definition of a person who has written text, but as far as a gift, no. I'm just doing brain exercises at this point.

Good luck with that closet!

Pam {from the "what you were doing 20 years ago" set)

Mark Goodyear said...

Attack of the Queso. Sounds like a great b-movie. Either that or Curse of the Collapsing Shelves.

Thanks for helping out last night. It was a hard night, but I have every confidence for the future.

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