I have been in bed for twenty-four hours now.

It's been heaven. I have watched dumb movies (Stepford Wives -- the new one), hung out on myspace, texted various people, written long, loping morning pages, and watched Fit TV, longing to get out of bed and make up for the last two days missed at the gym. I've set up my Tivo to tape all the shows that are back this week (most notably "Lost"), discovered that Patty Griffin has a new CD coming out Tuesday (hello iTunes!), washed my pillows, eaten Ramen noodles (they sounded good for my sore throat. I regretted eating them afterward), read over old blogs, drunk a ton of fresh orange juice from the juicer, taken lots of drugs, and slept a little.

So yeah. It's been nice. I think next on my big sick-day agenda will be to read. I'm halfway through "The Stand," although reading a story about a killer virus whilst in bed sick with a virus may be a little much. Oh well... realism can be fun.

Hmmmm. I think I'll have coffee now.



Ed said...

Have fun watching "Lost." The new season hasn't started here in Australia yet; this Thursday, we get that recap episode that hashes the last season. Then next week it's the beginning of season three. So I'll get to watch the first six episodes again before the country catches up!


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