Oh, I'm so excited I want to cry!

I love Narnia. I love Narnia. I love Narnia.

When I went to London I saw a lion on the south side of the Westminster Bridge that looks just like Aslan. His face is the perfect blend of strength and gentleness... it's almost cuddly in a powerful way. Anyway, the Aslan in the movie models looks very much like the South Bank Lion. Here's the model:

Oh, do, let's count the day until December 9, 2005: 357!!! yaaay!

Today is David's and my 9th anniversary. Wow. Hard to believe. Time has flown and we've squeezed a LOT of living into 9 years. Seems like we've had a major life change every 2 years or so, and it's been very exciting and cool to see where God has taken us.

Got to see the meteor shower the other night. Punky and I got up at 2 am to watch. Some some really cool ones. That was very fun.

Okay. Must drink my coffee... be back in a sec...

Alright. So right now I'm hooked on mochas. Because I'm a chocolate nut, and because it's a fun treat for the holidays, and because it's really easy to add Hershey's Syrup to my quad, I'm now making a quad grande nonfat dry mocha cappuccino. Hooray coffee.

We are doing better with school. We've been really focusing on keeping the schedule every day, and with the new curriculum it's been easier to stay on task. We still have some difficult days, but it hasn't been as bad as it was. I was about to put him back in school and that would require me to go work full time, but I was so over the daily battles that it almost seemed like the only way.

I dreamed last night that I was wandering around a college campus barefoot trying to find the computer center, and I ended up in a day care center talking to the lady who ran it. I was looking for some computer part I needed back home for my computer, but I never did find it. On my way back to the apartment I was staying in, the girl I had just met at the day care center ran after me and gave me a mini loaf of pumpkin bread and then offered to drive me back to the apartment. We had to cross a low causeway to get to the apartment (which, apparently, was on the beach), and as we were driving across the tide came in and this big huge wave of water swept over the car. I remember I was in the back seat and I look over where Punky was sitting and he was just being flooded with water... I asked him if he was okay, and he was crying, and I unbuckled his seatbelt and got him out. It was a very vivid dream. Weird.

Time to go teach school now. And then we get to go have a fun anniversary day. Someone asked me last night if Punky was coming with us on our date! HA! I said, "Was Punky at our wedding? Well, then, why should he be on our date?!" Was that mean and insensitive? David and I NEVER get to go out together alone. There you go.


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